Jessica Rosa

Collaborative: Special and Elementary Education

I may only be 19 years old, however I have my life set. I am very motivated worker and learner, and always looking some way to improve on a life. "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... It's learning to dance in the rain." Come check out my improvements throughout the semester!! I have grown tremendously throughout the semester. In the beginning of the semester, I really only used the basic Word and Powerpoint for projects, and toyed with Photoshop every once and a while. I felt extremely uncomfortable with coding because I really didn't know how to experiment and fool around to make my pages improve. In the middle of the semester, I grew a lot as a student because I used the tools in class, to be able to apply them for maker challenges at home. By the end of this semester, I tried my best in order to be different and try to make my page unique. I, hands down, feel a lot more comfortable to do the maker challenges and be able to fool around with code in order to get the best result. I never gave up, which is what I am most proud of myself for. Here are some quotes in which I live by from a day to day basis. Check out my page and see all the successful Maker Challenges I was able to accomplish!

Maker Reflections

Ignite Talk

Even though I hate talking in public, I was really excited to do my Ignite Talk because I was able to talk about a huge passion of mine and be able to feel comfortable and confident in the classroom. I chose to then pursue my Ignite Talk for another maker challenge, the Screencast, because I really enjoyed my slideshow, but also a new way on a presentation. I love American Sign Language, and I love to talk about it whenever I get a chance to, so I thought these two Maker Challenges would be a great opportunity to show off one of my talents and passions. I was really nervous in-class to do my Ignite Talk, so it was a little easier to do the Screencast at home. Overall, this project was by far my most memorable and favorite projects in the class. I am really had I was able to do it on a topic I am extremely passionate about.

Maker Challenge- Timeline

The Timeline was our first maker challenge project, which allowed me to yet again learn a new program/tool to help me for presentations. Usually when doing timelines, I would have to open a Word document or Powerpoint presentation in order to do a timeline. I found this Timeline project to be really interesting because we are learning how technology influences classrooms, and what better way to start off on how it all developed. I am really glad I was able to incorporate main topics like a pencil, books and even a Braille because it may have not been important to the everyday individual, but it was significantly important to people who suffered from Blindess. Overall, this project was a learning process and just the start in my skills in computer and technology.

Maker Challenge- Meme

This was one of my favorite in-class maker challenges because I have always wanted to be able to make a meme, but never knew how to until this class. I found it really fun to be able to play around with the format and be able to insert a saying on a picture. I think this was one of the first Maker challenges that I found easy and fun to do. I was able to take my CSS and coding skills that I learned from my brother and put them into use. Overall, I do think I could have improved my piece, but I am really happy on how my first meme came out and cannot wait to start making new ones!